A team of CWC staff, called the Students of Concern Team, meet throughout the academic year to review reported problematic behavior, discuss ways to help students, and take follow-up action. Any member of the campus community can make a report to the Students of Concern Team, which consists of staff from Counseling, Campus Security, and Student Affairs.  The College expects students to behave in a manner consistent with protecting and preserving health, safety, property, educational goals and physical well-being for themselves as well as the entire campus community. Students are expected to take appropriate measures, including seeking college assistance, when there is evidence to suggest they or someone they know may be unable to adhere to this standard.

Students shall not take actions that threaten or endanger their own or another person’s safety, health, life or property, nor shall a student make a verbal or written threat of such actions. Students shall not engage in any harmful act. This includes, but is not limited to behaviors such as suicidal threats or attempts; threats to other persons or their property; and/or refusing treatment for a life-threatening illness or condition (e.g., eating disorders, diabetes, etc.). Action may be taken against any student violating these conditions.

Reporting can be done by completing this online form or in person, by e-mail, by phone, or to Students of Concern Team members.

For the most serious of behaviors, Student in Crisis Report forms are available from the Counseling Offices, the Student Success Center, or the Vice President for Student Affairs Office. These forms may be completed by concerned students, staff or faculty to report the most concerning student behavior and then forwarded to the Counseling or Vice President for Student Affairs Office for any applicable action.

For support, advocacy, and confidential counseling or referral, contact: Whitney Martinez, Counselor at (307) 855-2011.