For over 45 years, Central Wyoming College has been proudly serving the 乐天堂app community.
For over 45 years, Central Wyoming College (CWC) has been proudly serving the 乐天堂app community. We are committed to this community and passionate about meeting the unique educational challenges and workforce needs of Teton County by providing:
  • 基金会al courses that open doors to a college future, including focused support for those with English as a second language
  • Adult Basic Education and High School Equivalency
  • Accredited culinary and hospitality program that fits within the off-seasons
  • Excellent nursing and health science programs
  • Business degrees, entrepreneurial success programs and customized workforce training
  • Bachelor Degree offerings
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  • Dual and concurrent credit for high school students
  • 社区 enrichment courses for ongoing learning and improvement

CWC-乐天堂app has been partnering with community non-profits, schools and businesses to serve more students, increase skilled workers and advance our shared community goals. Results shown above are from the past ten years alone!


The expanded CWC-乐天堂app中心 will be a boon for local residents, businesses and organizations, helping the diverse population of Teton County pursue their dreams while reinforcing community priorities.
The use of SPET funds for the new center will:
  • Provide more classrooms, labs, offices and a commercial kitchen
  • Allow CWC-乐天堂app to service an additional 200+ students
  • Meet the needs of a growing International (including Hispanic) population through extended ESL programs, College Readiness and career pathways
  • Expand Culinary, Hospitality, Business & Entrepreneurship offerings
  • 多样化的健康 & Wellness programs including Dental Assistant, Radiology Technician, Massage & Alternative Medicine
  • Offer Certificates in Sustainability & 绿色建筑
  • Bolster Science and STEM Programming & Undergraduate Research  
  • Increase Outdoor Certifications
  • Grow Computer Programming Courses in 3-D Design, Robotics & 新媒体
  • Expand the Workforce Development Department to quickly respond to community/business needs
  • Accelerate graduation rates, resulting in higher completion
  • Give CWC-乐天堂app the ability to create new programs as demanded by a changing local economy

Rendering of the 乐天堂app中心 Site Plan

CWC 乐天堂app中心 Campus Site Plan off High School Road


An investment in CWC-乐天堂app is one that will benefit our community for decades to come. It is an investment not just in Teton County students, but in the community as a whole.

For every $1 that students pay for their education at CWC, they can expect $4.80 in higher future earnings. 更重要的是, a two-year degree will increase an individual’s earning potential to an additional $1 million over their lifetime. The overall ROI for 社区 College is 400% for students.

For every tax dollar spent on educating students at CWC, taxpayers will receive an average of $1.30 in return over the course of the students’ working lives. In other words, taxpayers enjoy an annual rate of return of 3.2%.

For every dollar invested in an education from CWC, an average of $4.50 in social benefit will accrue to Teton County and Wyoming over the course of the students’ careers in the form of reduced crime, lower welfare and unemployment, and increased health and well-being.